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Real name: Stacey Witner. Biography of Star & facts: Star was born and raised in a small.


Stacey Witner aka biography

Star birth name:Stacey Witner
Star birthday1978-06-27
Star home townWeatherly, PA.
Star assetsWell-spoken, Attractive, Compassionate.
Star vicesEmotional Hangups
Star height163 cm
Star jobEx-pornstar, Business Entreprenuer, Musician.
Star hobbiesReading, Writing, Riding, Motorcycles, Dancing, Yoga, Meditation, Buddhism, Singing, Acting, Playing, the, Flute, Playing, the, guitar, Spending, time, with, pets, Camping, Hiking.
Star ethnicity
Star breast size36
Star waist size24
Star hips size34
Star mottoPlowing her own path through life...one speedbump at a time.
Real biography:

Star was born and raised in a small Pennsylvania farming town in the heart of the pococno mountains. She graduated top 10 in her high school class and attended school for cosmetology only to abandon those aspirations after 6 months. Working every odd job under the sun from factory bottle inspector to temp. secretarial work, she left her family, her boyfriend, her car and her belongings at the calling opportunity to live and find work in Los Angeles, CA...3000 miles away from where she'd always called "home". Two hundred dollars, two suitcases, and a Miniature Pinscher dog was what she was carrying when she arrived at LAX Los Angeles International airport full of hope and courage. She enjoyed dabbling around in movie and television work as an extra, but the need for a more financially rewarding job lingered.

Star found herself sitting in a chair at a XXX casting agency one day, and soon after became one of the JKP girls signed to an exclusive contract. She remained with the company for over a year until her contract expired and she met her current musician fiance. Star vowed to leave the industry and get "serious" if ever she found the right romantic partner. He was such. She quickly and without word up and left the industry altogether, never looking back, and never to return.

Star sang with her fiance's band for several years since they've been together, and eventually left the band to pursue her own creative/business adventures. She is currently working diligently on her first debut album.

Star now also owns a kennel-free pet spa in the South Bay area of Southern California where she resides, even closer to the beach than her old West Los Angeles apartment. Together, her and her fiance are working to build the doggie day spa business into a larger one that will lead to the opening of additional spas throughout the southland. Their ambition is to provide for pet owners and their furry friends a relaxing, luxurious place for animals to go and enjoy their grooming in a cage free environment with minimal stress. Her love for animals has inspired her vision to successfully shape a new trend in the animal care industry. "Mine is no average grooming shop. I don't believe that an animal or human should ever have to undergo a haircut or work in a noisy, dirty, smelly enviornment. It should be as serene and comfortable as a human spa. After all...they're worth it!" ~ Star

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