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Real name: Unknown. Biography of Shyla Stylez & facts: Shyla Stylez, born September 23, 1982 in.


Unknown aka Shyla biography

Shyla Stylez birth name:Unknown
Shyla Stylez birthday1982-09-23
NicknameAmanda Auclair
Shyla Stylez home townBritish Columbia, Canada.
Shyla Stylez assetsdouble D''s.
Shyla Stylez vicesdisappeared from the scene for 2 years
Shyla Stylez height161 cm
Shyla Stylez jobAdult Movie Star.
Shyla Stylez hobbies"showing, them, off".
Shyla Stylez ethnicityWhite
Shyla Stylez breast size36
Shyla Stylez waist size28
Shyla Stylez hips size33
Shyla Stylez mottoI love them and I love showing them off.
Real biography:

Shyla Stylez, born September 23, 1982 in Armstrong, British Columbia, is a Canadian porn star of German heritage. After completing high school, she moved to Vancouver, British Columbia and began doing nude photoshoots and live webcam shows for adult websites, while also being employed as a stripper.In 2000, Shyla moved to Los Angeles and was featured in films by Anabolic Productions. Shyla's breasts were augmentated to 32D in June 2002, and around the same time she began working exclusively for Jill Kelly Productions.Shyla remained with Jill Kelly Productions until 2005 when she temporarily left the adult industry. During this hiatus, Shyla's breasts were enhanced to 36DD. In 2006, Shyla returned to the adult industry and has been featured prominently in DVD and Internet porn.Shyla has the ability to do the booby dance, as demonstrated in her video for BangBros.

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