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Real name: Rhian Marie Sugden. Biography of Rhian Sugden & facts: Rhian Sugden is one of the.


Rhian Marie Sugden aka Rhian biography

Rhian Sugden birth name:Rhian Marie Sugden
Rhian Sugden birthday1986-12-17
Rhian Sugden home townManchester, England.
Rhian Sugden assetsHuge chesticles, Hot face.
Rhian Sugden vicesCan''t take tests
Rhian Sugden height166 cm
Rhian Sugden jobModel.
Rhian Sugden hobbiesModeling.
Rhian Sugden ethnicityWhite
Rhian Sugden breast size36
Rhian Sugden waist size25
Rhian Sugden hips size34
Rhian Sugden mottoI grew a phobia of taking exams, so I had to go straight to work.
Real biography: Rhian Sugden is one of the hottest girls in the UK. It's only a matter of time before she does as our forefathers did, and comes to the US. At least we sure hope so.

Life Story

Rhian Sugden was born in Manchester, England. More like ManCHESTer though, right fellas? As a youth she was an athlete, her main sport was swimming. In high school, Sugden was a straight A student. She was involved in theatre, doing shows like Grease and Aladdin. After high school, Sugden attended Bury College, where she studied Law, Psychology, IT, and Media. However, she couldn't handle taking tests, so she dropped out. Sugden found work as a Junior Administrator at a real estate company. She left that job after a while to work at Global Telecoms, where she sent out phone bills. Her co-workers at Global Telecoms noticed how hot she was and encouraged her to give modelling a try. So Sugden put together a little portfolio and sent it off to a modelling agency. Obviously, the agencey signed her, and the rest is history.

Now that she's a celebrity, Sugden does charity work at an animal sanctuary. She does work there because she grew up with all kinds of animals. She also hosts parties for the charities and is an avid skydiver. We wish she was an avid us-dater. Sugden also has a calander, where she's, get this, scantily clad and in sexy poses. In 2007, Sugden won the Nuts magazine Best Wet Breast award, in their annual Breast Award issue. In the future, Sugden aspires to be a midwife. She will be the hottest midwife on the planet.

Rhian can also be seen in some stunning photo sets at Body in Mind.com

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