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Real name: Molly Helen Shannon. Biography of Molly Shannon & facts: Molly Helen Shannon is an Emmy.


Molly Helen Shannon aka Molly biography

Molly Shannon birth name:Molly Helen Shannon
Molly Shannon birthday1964-09-16
Molly Shannon home townShaker Heights, Ohio, USA.
Molly Shannon assets
Molly Shannon vices
Molly Shannon height166 cm
Molly Shannon jobComedianne, Actress.
Molly Shannon hobbies
Molly Shannon ethnicity
Molly Shannon breast size34
Molly Shannon waist size31
Molly Shannon hips size35
Molly Shannon mottoI used to get painful crushes on really unavailable guys.
Real biography: Molly Helen Shannon is an Emmy-nominated American actress and writer.

Shannon's major break came in February 1995 when she was hired as a featured player on Saturday Night Live to replace Janeane Garofalo after Garofalo left mid-season. Shannon was one of the few cast members to be kept (along with David Spade, Norm Macdonald, Mark McKinney, and Tim Meadows) when Lorne Michaels overhauled his cast for season 21, after season 20 proved to be a critical and ratings disappointment. She played various recurring characters on the show, including 50-year old dancer Sally O'Malley (who constantly proclaimed her age), Goth Talk public access show host Circe Nightshade, quirky joyologist Helen Madden, and NPR radio co-host of Delicious Dish (with Ana Gasteyer). She was especially known for playing the character of neurotic, yet melodramatic Catholic school girl Mary Katherine Gallagher.

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