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Real name: Louise Amanda Harman. Biography of Lady Sovereign & facts: Lady Sovereign is unique as.


Louise Amanda Harman aka Lady biography

Lady Sovereign birth name:Louise Amanda Harman
Lady Sovereign birthday1985-12-19
Lady Sovereign home townWembley, London.
Lady Sovereign assets
Lady Sovereign vicesmakes god-awful music
Lady Sovereign height155 cm
Lady Sovereign jobRapper.
Lady Sovereign hobbies
Lady Sovereign ethnicityWhite
Lady Sovereign breast size30
Lady Sovereign waist size24
Lady Sovereign hips size33
Lady Sovereign mottoIt's officially the biggest midget in the game.
Real biography: Lady Sovereign is unique as the only white female artist in the primarily black British Grime scene. As a white MC, her authenticity has been contested within the British grime scene, "even though she grew up in the same kind of public-housing project - Chalk Hill estate, now demolished - that many grime artists did." She has been compared to both Melanie C (namely her Sporty Spice persona), for their similar athletic clothing, and to Eminem, as "another lily-white rap sensation."

Lady Sovereign is notable for her adoption of a relatively masculine appearance and aggressive delivery, donning athletic gear and mocking the trappings of more traditional female sexuality, perhaps in order to better fit in with the male dominated Grime scene. This stands in sharp contrast to female artists in similar genres, such as Bassline House’s more traditionally feminine Zoe. Her levels of success continue to rise domestically, and while she has not reached mainstream audiences abroad, she is becoming recognizable as a standout Caucasian in the grime genre. New Yorker writer Sasha Frere-Jones describes her as "good: pithy, clever, and able to use her honking voice to humorous effect." In addition to being compared to American rapper Eminem for being lone prominent Caucasians in their genres, they also both frequently use this "honking" voice in a humorous way.." This can be seen in Lady Sovereign's track "Cha Ching (Cheque 1, 2 Remix)" and Eminem's tracks "Just Lose It" and "Without Me."

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