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Real name: Hitomi Saito. Biography of Hitomi Saito & facts: Hitomi Saito is a member of the Hello.


Hitomi Saito aka Hitomi biography

Hitomi Saito birth name:Hitomi Saito
Hitomi Saito birthday1981-10-31
Hitomi Saito home townNiigata, Japan.
Hitomi Saito assetsEyes, oppai.
Hitomi Saito vicesTries too hard
Hitomi Saito height158 cm
Hitomi Saito jobSinger.
Hitomi Saito hobbiesDecorating, nails, searching, for, snacks.
Hitomi Saito ethnicityAsian
Hitomi Saito breast size32
Hitomi Saito waist size24
Hitomi Saito hips size34
Hitomi Saito mottoShiawase beam! Suki suki beam!
Real biography:

Hitomi Saito is a member of the Hello! Project group, Melon Kinenbi. Well, she's not only a member - in 2002, Megumi Murata stepped down and made Hitomi the leader. This spawned her famous nickame, "Boss" Saito.

Boss joined the H!P deathtrap in 2000 as a member of Melon Kinenbi. Over time, she established her image as the "sexy seductive" member. Whether or not she pulls it off is up to you. She furthers that image whenever possible, sometimes in wrong ways (such as her sexually-charged performance of the kids' song "Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam!") She ruined some childhoods with that.

Though not as active as other members, Boss is well-known for also being really damn funny. She's in constant battle with hosts on HEY!x3 and Utaban, resulting in some great moments. (Though none as good as the original Ugly Duckling.

She says she hates "grass-smelling" vegetables. Whatever those are.

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