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Real name: Hannah Louise Spearritt. Biography of Hannah Spearritt & facts: She was born in.


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Hannah Spearritt birth name:Hannah Louise Spearritt
Hannah Spearritt birthday1981-04-01
Hannah Spearritt home townGorleston on Sea.
Hannah Spearritt assetsLovely tiny tight knickers; gorgeous bum.
Hannah Spearritt vicesFlashing her knickers
Hannah Spearritt height163 cm
Hannah Spearritt jobActress, Singer.
Hannah Spearritt hobbiesFlashing, her, knickers.
Hannah Spearritt ethnicityWhite
Hannah Spearritt breast size30
Hannah Spearritt waist size23
Hannah Spearritt hips size31
Hannah Spearritt mottoI like to flash my knickers
Real biography: She was born in Gorleston on Sea (near Great Yarmouth) in Norfolk, the youngest of three children and is the younger sister of former model and fashion designer Tanya Spearritt. Her uncle, Eddie Spearritt, from Lowestoft was a professional football player who played for Ipswich Town F.C. in the 1960s. At the age of 3, Spearritt modelled in a Mothercare catalogue. When she was 12, she landed a part in the Great Yarmouth Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society's production of Annie. Thereafter she successfully auditioned for the National Youth Music Theatre, and became part of the company. While with the NYMT she met future S Club member and boyfriend Paul Cattermole, as well her friend and future flatmate, actress Sheridan Smith. She appeared in the NYMT's productions Pendragon (1994-1995) — performing in New York and Hong Kong, Tin Pan Ali (1996), and the West End musical Bugsy Malone (1997) — she was a member of the original cast.

In 1998 she got a part in the television film The Cater Street Hangman, playing the part of a maid who gets murdered. She had also made appearances on the National Lottery Show and Blue Peter. While Hannah was studying mathematics, performing arts and media studies at college in Great Yarmouth, she auditioned for S Club 7 after seeing an advert in a magazine - it was a life changing decision.

Spearritt is currently living with and dating her Primeval co-star Andrew-Lee Potts whom she met on set. Her hobbies include kickboxing, tennis and photography.

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She was a member of S Club from 1999 to 2003. She co-starred in the groups own TV series - Miami 7 (1999), L.A. 7 (2000), Hollywood 7 (2001) and Viva S Club (2002). She took part in three UK tours, won two prestigious BRIT Awards and numerous other awards. Along with Rachel Stevens, Spearritt was a regular pin-up in dozens of magazines and was a regular in the FHM Top 100 Sexiest Women polls between 2000 and 2004. Perhaps more importantly for her future career, she gained the chance to act in a movie, when S Club released their movie Seeing Double in early 2003.

Most famously, in October 2001, amid a blaze of publicity, Spearritt revealed that she had been in a secret relationship with fellow band member Paul Cattermole for the previous six months. In 2002, Cattermole was the first to quit the group and thereafter S Club 7 became simply S Club before ultimately splitting in May 2003. Spearritt and Cattermole's relationship, however, would continue until early 2006.

Acting career

In the last week of S Club's existence, Spearritt management claimed she was at home in bed with the flu. She was actually in Los Angeles to audition for a role in the film Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London, a fact that Hannah revealed at the UK premiere of the film on 2004-03-24 in London. She got the role and three days after leaving the band she began filming.

In March 2004, Spearitt successfully auditioned for a minor role in the horror Seed of Chucky, a movie which was seen by some as an attempt to distance herself from her squeaky clean S Club image.[3] Shortly after completing filming, Spearitt decided to take a break from show-business to travel and spend time with her family.

In early November 2005, she made her acting comeback in the BBC's Blessed, an eight part sitcom. In Blessed, she played a minor role, appearing as a member of a fake girl band, in two episodes. December 2005 saw Spearitt appearing in the unsuccessful West End musical, Snow! The Musical, at London's Sound Theatre. The musical was cancelled just three weeks into its run because of poor ticket sales - one show managed to attract an audience of only two people.

In February 2006, it was revealed that Hannah had landed a lead role in a brand new ITV series called Primeval. Hannah plays the role of Abby Maitland, a reptile enthusiast who gets mixed up with time travelling Professor Nick Cutter (Douglas Henshall) when searching for a species of reptile she had never encountered. The series began on February 10, 2007.

In late 2006, Hannah began filming for ITV1, for a guest part in Agatha Christie's Marple television mystery series. The episode, entitled At Bertram’s Hotel, was broadcast on September 23, 2007.


2003 Seeing Double2004 Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London 2004 Seed of Chucky 2007 Little Lilly in Chapter 1: Colour Blind Little2007 Little Lilly in Chapter 2: Fish Little 2008 Little Lilly in Chapter 3: U Turn Little


1998 The Cater Street Hangman1999 Miami 7 (S Club 7 TV Spin-off series)2000 L.A. 7 (S Club 7 TV Spin-off series)2001 Hollywood 7 (S Club 7 TV Spin-off series)2002 Viva S Club (S Club 7/S Club TV Spin-off series)2005 Blessed Girl Thing member (Ep. 4, Ep. 6 and Ep. 7) 2007 Primeval2007 At Bertram’s Hotel


1994-1995 Pendragon1996 Tin Pan Ali1997 Bugsy Malone 2005 Snow! The Musical

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