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Real name: Emily Jean Stone. Biography of Emma Stone & facts.


Emily Jean Stone aka Emma biography

Emma Stone birth name:Emily Jean Stone
Emma Stone birthday1988-11-06
Emma Stone home townScottsdale, Arizona.
Emma Stone assetsManaging to parlay reality show victory into non-worthless work.
Emma Stone vicesHome schooled
Emma Stone height168 cm
Emma Stone jobActress, Singer.
Emma Stone hobbiesSkilled, in, HTML, and, Web, design, (giving, hope, to, every, man, reading, this).
Emma Stone ethnicity
Emma Stone breast size30
Emma Stone waist size24
Emma Stone hips size33
Emma Stone mottoMy latest obsession would be movies, probably. It would be just going to see movies and the entertainment industry. It sounds stupid, but that's pretty much what I do.

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