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Real name: Elisabetta Gregoraci. Biography of Elisabetta Gregoraci & facts: IntroductionWith a name.


Elisabetta Gregoraci aka Elisabetta biography

Elisabetta Gregoraci birth name:Elisabetta Gregoraci
Elisabetta Gregoraci birthday1980-02-08
Elisabetta Gregoraci home townSoverato.
Elisabetta Gregoraci assetsHer legs.
Elisabetta Gregoraci vicesWine
Elisabetta Gregoraci height173 cm
Elisabetta Gregoraci jobModel, actress.
Elisabetta Gregoraci hobbiesDancing.
Elisabetta Gregoraci ethnicityWhite
Elisabetta Gregoraci breast size30
Elisabetta Gregoraci waist size23
Elisabetta Gregoraci hips size33
Elisabetta Gregoraci mottoNever give up... find the strength to fight and get things done.
Real biography: Introduction

With a name like Elisabetta Gregoracci, you better be super hot, or some character in a Harry Potter book. Good thing she decided to be a model.

Life Story

Elisabetta Gregoraci grew up in the south of Italy. She graduated with a degree in Modern Dance, and competed in the Miss Italy competition in 1997. She didn't win, but it gave her the confidence to use her beauty as a way into the entertainment field. She subsequently made three films: Il cielo in una stanza, C'era un cinese in coma and Si sente che sono calabrese.

She was offered a spot on the Italian TV show Euro 2000. This made her a household name in television and was the first of nine tv shows she would star in. She also modelled for Armani and Wonderbra.

In 2006, Elisabetta was involved in a sex scandal with Salvatore Sottile, a ranked spokesperson for Italy's Foreign Ministry. It was alleged that they had a sexual relationship to secure her spots on television, but neither was ever charged with anything. The incident didn't hurt her career, in fact, it seemed to launch her into a new ad account with a mobile phone company.

Elisabetta later met race car driving team owner, Flavio Briatore. The couple had a 31 year age difference but that didn't get in their way. They have a 2008 wedding planned.

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