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Real name: Isabella Dellamore. Biography of Dea Starshine & facts: IntroductionDea Starshine is an.


Isabella Dellamore aka Dea biography

Dea Starshine birth name:Isabella Dellamore
Dea Starshine birthday1984-07-31
NicknameDea Starshing
Dea Starshine home townMagenta.
Dea Starshine assets
Dea Starshine vices
Dea Starshine height163 cm
Dea Starshine jobShock Model.
Dea Starshine hobbiesGothic.
Dea Starshine ethnicityWhite
Dea Starshine breast size34
Dea Starshine waist size23
Dea Starshine hips size34
Dea Starshine mottoI'm the only real shock model
Real biography: Introduction

Dea Starshine is an italian actress and model specialized in fashion, advertising, vintage, glamour, fetish, noir, gothic, casual, soft e.rotic. Dea Starshine, or "La Dea" ("The Goddess" ) like people usually call her, is famous for being in some years a kind of internet icon and for starting in Italy some years ago the "gothic models mania".

Life Story

Dea was born near Milan (North Italy). In her first life years she was into several kinf of arts, like singing, music, dance, theathre, and painting.

In 2000 when she was 16, she found the art of modeling, finding to be very photogenic. Photography was the perfect art to show her fantasy and creativity. She loved what is dark and different, and this was the quality that made her popoular.At the beginning Dea used her parents and friends like photographers, so she didn't own high quality photos, but her brillant ideas, even if just amatorial, were very appreciated and loved.

In 2002 she appeared for the first time on a gothic magazine ("Ritual") like model for a cd cover. In 2003 she was chosen like protagonist of the Necrodeath's (italian metal band) videoclip "The Flag". So her official website was opened. She loved making her photos in obscure and gothic locations, and some months after the opening of her website, some of her photos located in graveyards and churches was noticed by several newspapermen who made scandal of her. So her pics appeared on newspapers, magazines, tv shows, and Dea became popoular.

In the autumn of the same year Dea started to modeling for professional photoset with important photographers like Luca Stardero and Michele Marchese.

In the last years Dea started big collaborations with other admirable itailan photographers, and on 1th September 2005 she won the Miss ModelsMania contest in America.In 2006 she starded her actress career in the Davide Scovazzo's movie "Pink Forever".

Actually Dea started the new hobby to direct movies, so she made some promotionals videoclip directed by her, and for Christmas 2007 she shot DELICANDOTI, her first short movie. A little tribute to beauty and death. In the week of 15th April 2008 it won the Talent1 Cinema/Tv contest, an italian program dedicated to videoclips.

Dea is not only a model, she got a lot of talents like photography and direction, infact a big part of her sets are professional self portatis. On April 2008 Dea appears on the italian program Talent1 (Italian TV).

Actually Dea brags a large number of photosets, a crescent fame in the fetish-gothic world. She has been featured in several websites, magazines, tv. She made 6 calendars, and much more.

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