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Real name: Simmons. Biography of Chelan Simmons & facts: Chelan Simmons is one of Canada's hottest.


Simmons aka Chelan biography

Chelan Simmons birth name:Simmons
Chelan Simmons birthday1982-10-29
Chelan Simmons home townVancouver.
Chelan Simmons assets
Chelan Simmons vices
Chelan Simmons height163 cm
Chelan Simmons jobActress, Model.
Chelan Simmons hobbiesCooking.
Chelan Simmons ethnicityWhite
Chelan Simmons breast size
Chelan Simmons waist size
Chelan Simmons hips size
Chelan Simmons motto
Real biography: Chelan Simmons is one of Canada's hottest imports.

Life Story

Simmons was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, one of three children (one younger brother and an older sister) and has been a natural performer since the age of two. Her first movie role was as 'Its' first victim in the horror movie It (1990) in which she played Laurie Ann Winterbarger. Her most recognizable roles are in movies such as Final Destination 3 (2006) as Ashley Freund, and also in other movies like Carrie (2002) and Monster Island (2004). She has also guest starred in episodes of Smallville and Supernatural. Her hobbies include cooking and sightseeing on rollerblades at her hometown. Chelan currently plays Hilary on the ABC Family hit show, KYLE XY.

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