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Real name: Cassandra Lynn Scerbo. Biography of Cassie Scerbo & facts: Cassandra Cassie Lynn Scerbo.


Cassandra Lynn Scerbo aka Cassie biography

Cassie Scerbo birth name:Cassandra Lynn Scerbo
Cassie Scerbo birthday1990-03-30
Cassie Scerbo home townLong Island, NY.
Cassie Scerbo assets
Cassie Scerbo vices
Cassie Scerbo height158 cm
Cassie Scerbo jobActress, Singer.
Cassie Scerbo hobbies
Cassie Scerbo ethnicityWhite
Cassie Scerbo breast size
Cassie Scerbo waist size
Cassie Scerbo hips size
Cassie Scerbo motto
Real biography: Cassandra "Cassie" Lynn Scerbo is an American actress, singer & dancer. She is part of the girl group, Slumber Party Girls (SPG).Cassie is Italian and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She was born in Long Island, New York and was raised both there and in South Florida, but she calls New York home. Cassie is signed onto Geffen Records and works with producer Ron Fair. Cassie played the mean cheerleader Brooke in the most recent movie Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007).

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