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Real name: Carolyn Savage. Biography of Carolyn Savage & facts: As a young girl growing up in.


Carolyn Savage aka Carolyn biography

Carolyn Savage birth name:Carolyn Savage
Carolyn Savage birthday1982-04-05
Carolyn Savage home townToronto, Ontario.
Carolyn Savage assetsSexy, Chinese And Of Course Sexy.
Carolyn Savage vicesLoves Shy Guy(Because Thats Sexy)
Carolyn Savage height158 cm
Carolyn Savage jobPart Time Model.
Carolyn Savage hobbiesLoves, To, Sing, Dance, Travel.Shop, And, Eat, Yummy, Food.
Carolyn Savage ethnicityAsian
Carolyn Savage breast size34
Carolyn Savage waist size25
Carolyn Savage hips size38
Carolyn Savage mottoLive It Up And Live It Goooood!
Real biography:

As a young girl growing up in Canada, Carolyn was shy and assertive, but as she grew older she started to accept herself and become more confident. That was o­ne of the reasons why she started modelling, which has helped her build confidence in herself. Currently she works part time as an Account Rep as well as modeling part time and getting her education. She enrolled in a 3 year program to attain my diploma in Marketing Administration.

She started import modelling at a tender age because her friends told me to do it. From there, she had a desire to do more. So she started competing in pageants. And placed in several such as 3rd place in the Miss Asia pageant as well as 1st runner up in Miss Darknights Pageant. From there she wanted to more, from being in music videos to appearances in the highly distributed calenders in the US. From there, she was featured o­n several sites, including beer.com's 2005 archive of models. She has also worked at promotional events for Benson and Hedges, Coors Light/ Maxim, Playstation and many more. She was chosen out of 20 females to be part of the annual Aritiza 2005 fashion show (a popular high end retail chain). She has worked as a model for such magazines as Car Fever and Driven to Perform, as well as American Curves Magazine.

Carolyn has her own voyeur site at <ohcarolynsavage.com>

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