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Real name: Amber Stratton. Biography of Amber Stratton & facts: Best known as `Queen of MySpace.


Amber Stratton aka Amber biography

Amber Stratton birth name:Amber Stratton
Amber Stratton birthday
Amber Stratton home townPhoenixville, PA.
Amber Stratton assetsAll around Hot Package.
Amber Stratton vices
Amber Stratton height161 cm
Amber Stratton jobCollege Student / Model.
Amber Stratton hobbies
Amber Stratton ethnicity
Amber Stratton breast size36
Amber Stratton waist size26
Amber Stratton hips size36
Amber Stratton mottoI think if you are pretty and whatever and have a nice body and work hard, why not show it off?
Real biography: Best known as `Queen of MySpace Profile pages`

Amber Stratton: Web's 'hottest'

Amber Stratton, of Kimberton, Pa., and a University of Delaware junior studying nutrition and dietetics, has been chosen “America’s Hottest College Girl 2007” by 50,000 Web heads who voted for her in a version of March Madness on www.collegehumor.com.

Amber's submission of nine photos to the College Humor folks of herself looking pouty, suggestive and just plain good helped Stratton beat out 900 other college girls from 1,000 different schools across the country.

Stratton won $10,000 and a modeling contract with BustedTees.com, as well as a trip for two to New York City where a party will be thrown in her honor.

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