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Real name: Adele Silva. Biography of Adele Silva & facts: SilvaAdele Silva was born in Norbury.


Adele Silva aka Adele biography

Adele Silva birth name:Adele Silva
Adele Silva birthday1980-11-19
Adele Silva home townCroydon.
Adele Silva assetsNice smile, great arse.
Adele Silva vicesFake boobs
Adele Silva height158 cm
Adele Silva jobActress, Model.
Adele Silva hobbies
Adele Silva ethnicityWhite
Adele Silva breast size34
Adele Silva waist size24
Adele Silva hips size34
Adele Silva mottoI have to wear high heels all the time or I'm too short
Real biography: Silva

Adele Silva was born in Norbury, Surrey, England, on November 19, 1980. It was obvious to her family that she was destined for greater things and so at the age of 5, her mother enrolled her in the Peggy O'Farrell Dance School, where she trained in dance and drama. A casting director quickly realized how talented the young girl was. As a testament to his faith in her, he cast her in London Palladium's production of Babes in the Wood, in which she played one of the babes. This 1985-1986 production saw Adele sharing the stage with such notable actors as John Inman and Barbara Windsor.

Soon after, Adele joined the Sylvia Young Theatre School, where she further honed her skills. In 1989, she made her television debut in the cult science-fiction series Doctor Who. The episode she was in was called "Survival" and she got to act alongside the show's stars, Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred. She did so by appearing in a number of magazines and newspapers including Maxim, Front, Daily Star Sunday, StarMag, and FHM. The truth was that her body had matured, making her incredibly attractive to men everywhere.A near death experience left Adele somewhat rattled though. A carjacking ended badly when she chose to defend her Peugeot 205 convertible. The carjacker overpowered her and dragged her from the car, leaving her embarrassed and injured. Adele remains a top icon in modern entertainment and she is currently moving between several outstanding projects. She still lives with her parents in their Croydon home.

Although her romantic life is nothing to write home about -- her only serious relationship was with soccer player Warren Feeney and it ended in 2001. That said, Adele is the face of global online dating agency Smartflirts. Adele also writes an advice column for Smartflirts!

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