What is dividends insurance meaning definition
Define Insurance Dividends facts. Notion of dividends on capital stock, but are a rebate of a.


Insurance Dividends Definition

What INSURANCE DIVIDENDS means: Amounts paid to policy holders are not dividends on capital stock, but are a rebate of a portion of the premiums paid for the insurance. Such dividends reduce the cost of the insurance and are not taxable unless in excess of the total premiums paid. Interest paid when the dividends are left with the insurance company is reported to the taxpayer as interest and is taxable.

Definition Involuntary Conversion:
Dictionary money or other property as reimbursement for the loss or destruction of property through theft, casualty, or condemnation. Any gain realized on an involuntary conversion can, at the taxpayer's insurance dividends.
Definition Insolvency:
Dictionary condition in which a taxpayer's total liabilities (debts owed) exceed the total fair market value of all his or her assets (cash and other property). A taxpayer is insolvent to the extent his or insurance dividends.
Definition Investment Tax Credit:
Dictionary A provision under which tax credits are allowed for rehabilitating a building or investing in energy property for business purposes insurance dividends.
Definition Inheritance:
Dictionary from a bequest or devise, an inheritance is property acquired through laws of descent and distribution from a person who dies without leaving a will. Property so acquired usually takes as its basis insurance dividends.

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