What is imputed unstated interest definition
Define Imputed (or Unstated) Interest facts. Notion of of property, the IRS has the authority to.


Imputed (or Unstated) Interest Definition

What IMPUTED (OR UNSTATED) INTEREST means: In the case of certain long-term sales of property, the IRS has the authority to convert some of the gain from the sale into interest income if the contract does not provide for a minimum rate of interest to be paid by the purchaser. Such converted interest is called imputed interest.

Definition Investment Tax Credit:
Dictionary A provision under which tax credits are allowed for rehabilitating a building or investing in energy property for business purposes imputed (or unstated) interest.
Definition Investment Property:
Dictionary includes property that produces interest, dividends, or royalties other than in the course of a taxpayer's business. Investment property also includes property (not in the course of the imputed (or unstated) interest.
Definition Investment Interest:
Dictionary Investment interest is interest paid on money borrowed to purchase or hold investment property. Investment interest is deductible as an itemized deduction to the extent of net investment income imputed (or unstated) interest.
Definition Inheritance:
Dictionary from a bequest or devise, an inheritance is property acquired through laws of descent and distribution from a person who dies without leaving a will. Property so acquired usually takes as its basis imputed (or unstated) interest.

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