What is dease welander kugelberg definition
Definition of Kugelberg-Welander Disease symptoms: Types I, II, and III belong to a group of.


Kugelberg-Welander Disease definition

What KUGELBERG-WELANDER DISEASE means: Kugelberg-Welander Disease - Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Types I, II, and III belong to a group of hereditary diseases that cause weakness and wasting of the voluntary muscles in the arms and legs of infants and children. The disorders are caused by an abnormal or missing gene known as the survival motor neuron gene (SMN1), which is responsible for the production of a protein essential to motor neurons. Without this protein, lower motor neurons in the spinal cord degenerate and die. The type of SMA (I, II, or III) is determined by the age of onset and the severity of symptoms.

Definition Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome:
Dictionary Syndrome (KTS) - (KTS) is a congenital circulatory disorder characterized by hemiangiomas (abnormal benign growths on the skin consisting of masses of blood vessels), arteriovenous abscesses, and kugelberg-welander disease definition.
Definition Kuru:
Dictionary which affects the brain. It is endemic among the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea and is universally fatal. It is characterized by headaches, joint pains and shaking of the limbs. It is believed to be kugelberg-welander disease explain.
Definition Korsakoff'S Amnesic Syndrome:
Dictionary Amnesic Syndrome - (Korsakoff's psychosis, amnesic-confabulatory syndrome), is a degenerative brain disorder caused by the lack of thiamine (vitamin B1) in the brain. There are six major kugelberg-welander disease what is.
Definition Kleine-Levin Syndrome:
Dictionary Syndrome - KLS, is a rare disorder characterized by the need for excessive amounts of sleep (hypersomnia), (e.g. up to 20 hours a day); excessive food intake (compulsive hyperphagia); and an kugelberg-welander disease meaning.
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Meaning of Disease Welander Kugelberg treatment

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What is kugelberg-welander disease definition.

Definition of Disease Welander Kugelberg treatment.

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