What is syndrome asperger define definition
Definition of Asperger Syndrome symptoms: Asperger's disorder, Asperger's or AS) is one.


Asperger Syndrome definition

What ASPERGER SYNDROME means: Asperger Syndrome - also called Asperger's syndrome, Asperger's disorder, Asperger's or AS) is one of several autism spectrum disorders (ASD) characterized by difficulties in social interaction and by restricted, stereotyped interests and activities. AS is distinguished from the other ASDs in having no general delay in language or cognitive development.

Definition Autonomic Dysfunction:
Dictionary Dysfunction - refers to a disorder of autonomic nervous system (ANS) function. Most physicians view dysautonomia in terms of failure of the sympathetic or parasympathetic components of the ANS, but asperger syndrome.
Definition Alzheimer'S Disease:
Dictionary Alzheimer's Disease-(AD) is a slowly progressive disease of the brain that is characterized by impairment of memory and eventually by disturbances in reasoning, planning, language, and perception asperger syndrome.
Definition Arteriovenous Malformation:
Dictionary Malformation - (AVMs) are defects of the circulatory system that are generally believed to arise during embryonic or fetal development or soon after birth. Although AVMs can develop in many different asperger syndrome.
Definition Anencephaly:
Dictionary condition present at birth that affects the formation of the brain and skull bones surrounding the head. Often, the brain lacks part or all of the cerebrum. There is no bony covering over the back of asperger syndrome.
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Meaning of Syndrome Asperger treatment

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