What is communications synchronous definition
How to use synchronous communications - definition: is sent is transmitted at regularly spaced.


Synchronous Communications definition

What is SYNCHRONOUS COMMUNICATIONS: A method of communicating via modem whereby the data that is sent is transmitted at regularly spaced intervals without the use of start and stop bits to frame each packet of information. See also asynchronous communications.

Definition Software:
Dictionary The programs and instruction sets that operate the computer synchronous communications.
Definition Stop Bit:
Dictionary In asynchronous communications, the bit sent after the data bits to indicate that no more data bits follow. Compare to start bit synchronous communications.
Definition Serial Communications:
Dictionary Data transmission in which data is transferred and processed one bit at a time. Compare to parallel communications synchronous communications.
Definition Share Ware:
Dictionary Software that is made available for free but displays a polite request for a donation to help offset the cost of making it widely available. See also public domain synchronous communications.

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