What is subdirectory definition
How to use subdirectory - definition: subdirectory. Technically, all directories other than the.


Subdirectory definition

What is SUBDIRECTORY: A directory contained within another directory or subdirectory. Technically, all directories other than the root directory are subdirectories.

Definition Sector:
Dictionary A division of a disk track; usually 512 bytes subdirectory.
Definition Synchronous Communications:
Dictionary communicating via modem whereby the data that is sent is transmitted at regularly spaced intervals without the use of start and stop bits to frame each packet of information. See also asynchronous subdirectory.
Definition Scan Code:
Dictionary The hardware code representing a key pressed on a keyboard. Converted by a keyboard driver into an ASCII code for use by DOS and application programs subdirectory.
Definition Subcommands:
Dictionary Several special commands used only within batch files subdirectory.

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