What is processor command secondary definition
How to use secondary command processor - definition: batch file or to provide a new text for.


Secondary Command Processor definition

What is SECONDARY COMMAND PROCESSOR: A second copy of COMMAND-.COM, invoked either to run a batch file or to provide a new text for subsequent DOS commands.

Definition Subcommands:
Dictionary Several special commands used only within batch files secondary command processor.
Definition Share Ware:
Dictionary Software that is made available for free but displays a polite request for a donation to help offset the cost of making it widely available. See also public domain secondary command processor.
Definition Selection Cursor:
Dictionary The extended highlighting that indicates an item or an area of activity that will be the object of the next operation secondary command processor.
Definition Stop Bit:
Dictionary In asynchronous communications, the bit sent after the data bits to indicate that no more data bits follow. Compare to start bit secondary command processor.

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