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Real name: Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen. Biography of Tila Tequila & facts: Contents1 The Tila Tequila.


Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen aka Tila biography

Tila Tequila birth name:Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen
Tila Tequila birthday1981-10-24
NicknameTila Tequila
Tila Tequila home townHouston Texas.
Tila Tequila assetsSeductive Eyes, Bisexual.
Tila Tequila vicesThe Internet,Rude attitude
Tila Tequila height150 cm
Tila Tequila jobModel, TV Host, Singing, Rapping.
Tila Tequila hobbiesMyspace.
Tila Tequila ethnicityAsian
Tila Tequila breast size36
Tila Tequila waist size26
Tila Tequila hips size35
Tila Tequila mottoI’m just that sassy lil bitch in the corner laughing
Real biography: Contents1 The Tila Tequila Biography2 Her Life Story Starts Here…3 Fame, Fortune, and More Fun Stuff4 The Sexy Image that Pays Off5 Looking for More Love on TV if (window.showTocToggle) { var tocShowText = "show"; var tocHideText = "hide"; showTocToggle(); } The Tila Tequila Biography

Experts in sociology, communications and economics have studied the phenomenon Tila Tequila. They probe and research, trying to understand how and why she is famous, what it means for society and how others can cash in on what she has so clearly proven to be true...that people will buy anything.

Her Life Story Starts Here…

Born in Singapore to Vietnamese parents, her family lived in a Buddhist temple before they moved to Houston, TX where she grew up. She rebelled as a teenager and became involved in bad things like drugs and gangs. At 19 she was offered a chance to be a playboy cyber girl. She became the first Asian cyber girl of the month and began modeling for car shows and auto magazines. Then came MySpace.

Fame, Fortune, and More Fun Stuff

She had been kicked off other social networks like Friendster for being too rambunctious when she was invited to the then unknown MySpace. She personally invited more than 30,000 people to join and soon she was the most popular person on the most popular website in the world.She has managed to spin a career out of her MySpace popularity, appearing in the movie "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" (with Jessica Biel and Chandra West), as the host of “Pants off dance off” on FuseTV and on her own reality show “A Shot at Love” in which she reveals that she is a bisexual. In addition to acting and hosting she will be releasing a highly anticipated album in which she raps and sings. Some of her tracks are already available on her MySpace page.She can next be seen in the film Horrorween, titled as such because apparently the name Shitty Movie was already taken.

The Sexy Image that Pays Off

Love her or hate her, she proves that you can maintain a career on a sexy image, as long as you keep it in the public eye. She’s managed to launch several different websites and has even appeared as a character in the video game Street Racing Syndicate. Guys love that she’s hot, and with her TV show, A Shot at Love, she’s trying to prove that chicks like her too.

Looking for More Love on TV

She didn’t end up finding love the first time around, so she took a second shot at love with A Shot at Love 2. Did it work this time? Sadly, the winner of the show (a chick) declined, but Tila will be just fine as she moves on to plenty of other things. On top of round two, the original A Shot at Love inspired another dating show spinoff for MTV, appropriately titled That’s Amore and starring Domenico Nesci. Domenico, hailing from Italy, was unfortunately cast off from A Shot at Love only to find love on his own show. Like most reality dating shows, the love did not last, but Domenico, like Tila, had a nice run on TV. Will her star continue to shine? Only time will tell.

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