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Real name: Robyn Bewersdorf. Biography of Tiffany Teen & facts: Tiffany Teen was the star of a non.


Robyn Bewersdorf aka Tiffany biography

Tiffany Teen birth name:Robyn Bewersdorf
Tiffany Teen birthday1986-04-14
NicknameTiffany teen
Tiffany Teen home townnaperville.
Tiffany Teen assets
Tiffany Teen vicesMarriage
Tiffany Teen height173 cm
Tiffany Teen jobModel.
Tiffany Teen hobbies
Tiffany Teen ethnicity
Tiffany Teen breast size30
Tiffany Teen waist size23
Tiffany Teen hips size34
Tiffany Teen mottowww.break.com sucks
Real biography:

Tiffany Teen " was the star of a non-nude (and not quite softcore) yet distinctly erotic pay website, http://www.tiffanyteen.com/, launched March 12 2003 and kept active for almost two years until its cancellation by Tiffany herself in early 2005.

Over the course of its two-year life, Tiffany’s website featured about a hundred short and low-quality videos and over ten thousand high-quality photographs depicting her posing in various sexy outfits, ranging from swimsuits and wet T-shirts, through lingerie, miniskirts and tank tops, and all the way to jeans and jackets.

Clearly meant to be erotic, many of Tiffany’s shots had a definite upskirt character, and, technically, she appeared topless quite a few times. She would always cover her breasts with her hands, however, or through other means such as lying on the beach, leaning into water or simply turning away from the camera. At the very most did a few shots show a glimpse of a bare nipple or a tiny bit of shaved pubic hair. In the end, there were never any hands-down nude or topless material. Indeed, many shots had Tiffany wearing relatively casual clothing.

Despite the fact, or perhaps thanks to the fact that Tiffany never fully undressed, her website was very successful (with page views peaking at around 15 million per day at the end of 2004.

In accordance with the commitment to non-nudity, the Tiffany Teen material was mostly based on suggestive gazing and posing. Tiffany would emphasize her cute face through inviting smiles and playful laughter, and the outfits and surroundings were kept in constant flux to keep things interesting. Nevertheless, many people got bored with Tiffany Teen relatively quickly. Expressing their desire for her to start doing “real porn”, they would dismiss her as a tease.

Meanwhile, many others were not so impatient, instead finding what she did to be quite interesting. Indeed, some went so far as to say that they would probably lose interest should Tiffany ever start doing nudity or hardcore. These people liked the teasing suspension inherent in the material and felt that should Tiffany start pursuing a career in more explicit pornography, it would quickly “take away the excitement”.

Subsequent to her site's closure, a small quantity of unofficial nude photography has surfaced on the internet. Rampant speculation suggests that, due to the stylistic differences, these photographs were not outtakes from her phil-flash material, but more likely from a private collection of amateur photographs. Furthermore, a short video (60 seconds in length) shows a fully nude Tiffany using a small vibrating adult toy to stimulate her exposed genitalia. The existence of these photos and short video have fueled a firestorm of speculation that a large private cache of nude and so-called "hardcore" material exists and that it's only a matter of time before it comes to light.

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