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Real name: Tia. Biography of Tia Tanaka & facts: Tia was born in Indonesia from Vietnamese parents.


Tia aka Tia biography

Tia Tanaka birth name:Tia
Tia Tanaka birthday1987-03-15
NicknameMulan Wang,Sasha Lei
Tia Tanaka home townMalaysia.
Tia Tanaka assets
Tia Tanaka vicesimmaturity
Tia Tanaka height158 cm
Tia Tanaka jobPorn Actress.
Tia Tanaka hobbiesExpensive, Jeans.
Tia Tanaka ethnicityAsian
Tia Tanaka breast size34
Tia Tanaka waist size26
Tia Tanaka hips size35
Tia Tanaka motto
Real biography: Tia was born in Indonesia from Vietnamese parents in 1987 and emigrated to the United States a year later with her mother. She lived in New York and later moved to California.

Tanaka attended high school with pornographic actress Kitty Jung. Jung suggested that Tanaka enter the pornographic industry. She shot under the names, Sasha Lei and Mulan Wang, until Ed Powers gave her the name Tia Tanaka

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