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Real name: Theresa Conn. Biography of Terri Colombino & facts: IntroductionTerri Colombino has.


Theresa Conn aka Terri biography

Name: Terri
Surname: Colombino
Terri Colombino birth name: Theresa Conn
Terri Colombino birthday: 1975-01-28
Nickname: Terr-Bear
Terri Colombino home town: Bloomington, Indiana.
Terri Colombino assets: Platinum blonde hair, MILF status.
Terri Colombino vices: Tattoos
Terri Colombino height: 161 cm
Terri Colombino job: Actress.
Terri Colombino hobbiesCharity, work.
Terri Colombino ethnicity
Terri Colombino breast size34
Terri Colombino waist size24
Terri Colombino hips size34
Terri Colombino mottoI don't read my mail and I don't read the Internet anymore because it makes me mad.
Real biography: Introduction

Terri Colombino has entertained many a housewife as the sultry Katie Peretti on your mom's favorite soap, As the World Turns. Watching As the World Turns because she's on it is, in fact, an acceptable excuse.

Life Story

Colombino was born Theresa Conn in 1975. Her father was in the Air Force which led to a nomadic upringing and many scared suitors. In her youth, Colombino lived Ohio, Alabama, and Texas before finally settling down in New Mexico. In high school, Colombino was a cheerleader and took Neil Patrick Harris to prom. Follwing high school, Colombino went on to study an extremely difficult field (Communications) at the University of San Diego. After college, Colombino decided to chase her dream of acting.

At first, Colombino was not getting many dream roles. Early roles included an after school special for ABC about a high school girl who gets pregnant, and a guest spot on Step By Step. But in 1998 Colombino got the role of her lifetime: Katie Peretti on As the World Turns. In 2001, she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy. But like Susan Lucci, she didn't win. Colombino has also done a guest spot on Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

In 2000, fate smiled on a random musician named Artie Colombino. After meeting the Terri Conn at a party, he some how made her fall in love with him. They married in 2001 at a church in downtown New York City. On her dime, surely. In 2004, Colombino gave birth to her first child, officially making her a MILF. So next time your boys catch you watching As the World Turns, you can say its because of Terri Colombino.

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