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Real name: Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen. Biography of Tarja Turunen & facts: Tarja is a Finnish.


Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen aka Tarja biography

Tarja Turunen birth name:Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen
Tarja Turunen birthday1977-08-17
Tarja Turunen home townKitee, Finland.
Tarja Turunen assetsbeautiful voice, amazing green eyes.
Tarja Turunen vicesnone
Tarja Turunen height166 cm
Tarja Turunen jobSinger.
Tarja Turunen hobbies
Tarja Turunen ethnicityWhite
Tarja Turunen breast size34
Tarja Turunen waist size27
Tarja Turunen hips size35
Tarja Turunen mottoI have no boundaries in music, I am a type of child by nature. This music is a challenge for me.
Real biography:

Tarja is a Finnish soprano, best known as the former lead vocalist of the symphonic metal band Nightwish. After leaving the band in October 2005, Tarja Turunen is now devoting her time to her solo career under the stage name of Tarja. She is married to Argentine businessman Marcelo Cabuli. Tarja has also appeared in various Finnish television programs, and was a guest judge on "Idols" on 27 March 2007.

AlbumsWith Nightwish Angels Fall First (1997) Oceanborn (1998) Wishmaster (2000) Over The Hills and Far Awa (EP) Century Child (2002) Once (2004)With Beto Vázquez Infinity Beto Vázquez Infinity (2001).Solo Henkäys Ikuisuudesta (2006) My Winter Storm (2007)

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