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Tarah Paige aka Tarah biography

Name: Tarah
Surname: Paige
Tarah Paige birth name: Tarah Paige
Tarah Paige birthday: 1982-07-08
Nickname: T-dog
Tarah Paige home town: Phoenix, AZ.
Tarah Paige assets: Hot, athletic and flexible.
Tarah Paige vices: Guys who make her laugh
Tarah Paige height: 163 cm
Tarah Paige job: Actress, Gymnast.
Tarah Paige hobbiesDancing.
Tarah Paige ethnicity
Tarah Paige breast size30
Tarah Paige waist size23
Tarah Paige hips size33
Tarah Paige mottoI'm the most bendy person I know.
Real biography: Introduction

Of all the girls on Chickipedia, actress/athelete Tarah Paige is probably the only one who can cram herself into suitcase.

Life Story

Actress Tarah Paige might not be the best known celebrity at the moment. But can any other star stretch and bend their body like Paige can? Probably not. Before becoming an actress, Paige was national gymnastics champion, winning the bronze medal for the balance beam at the 2001 National event.

As a gymnast, Paige used her flexibility to get parts on shows such as Malcolm in the Middle as "Contortionist Girl." She also starred in the cheerleading/dancing films Stick It and Bring It On: All or Nothing with Hayden Panettiere. She also appears in the film Zombie Prom. Most recently she appeared in the film The Comebacks with Stacy Keibler and Jillian Grace as a cheerleader. Her next film will be Otis.

Aside from acting in films, Paige also does stunt work for movies such as Elizabeth Town (Kirsten Dunst), The Benchwarmers and on House M.D..

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