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Real name: Tamara Taylor. Biography of Tamara Taylor & facts: IntroductionShe married a Canadian in.


Tamara Taylor aka Tamara biography

Tamara Taylor birth name:Tamara Taylor
Tamara Taylor birthday1970-09-27
Tamara Taylor home townToronto, Ontario, Canada.
Tamara Taylor assetsuniversal health care, good health care.
Tamara Taylor vices
Tamara Taylor height176 cm
Tamara Taylor jobActress.
Tamara Taylor hobbiesgoing, to, the, beach, hiking.
Tamara Taylor ethnicityMixed
Tamara Taylor breast size30
Tamara Taylor waist size23
Tamara Taylor hips size33
Tamara Taylor mottoHe did good!
Real biography: Introduction

She married a Canadian in Mexico.

Life Story

She was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to a black father and a white mother, both Canadian citizens.

Her very first acting work was an uncredited appearance as an extra on "A Different World". Her first notable role was on "Party of Five" (Lacey Chabert, Jennifer Love Hewitt) and she was the leading lady in the David Spade/ Marlon Wayons film Senseless which has one really funny part in it. She took a supporting role to Halle Berry in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, but is probably best known for her work on "Bones" where she plays Dr. Camille Saroyan.

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