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Real name: Shannon O'Brien. Biography of Shannon James & facts: Shannon James was the Playmate of.


Shannon O'Brien aka Shannon biography

Shannon James birth name:Shannon O'Brien
Shannon James birthday1987-02-05
Shannon James home townHolland, PA.
Shannon James assetsSuper hot, yet you get the feeling you could have gotten her before she was in Playboy.
Shannon James vicesPasta and anything related to Playboy
Shannon James height173 cm
Shannon James jobModel.
Shannon James hobbiesHorseback, riding.
Shannon James ethnicityWhite
Shannon James breast size34
Shannon James waist size23
Shannon James hips size34
Shannon James mottoI think I have a nice figure, but like every girl, I have little insecurities.
Real biography: Shannon James was the Playmate of the month in the May 2007 issue of Playboy. While that's impressive enough, the story of how she got in the magazine is what makes Shannon stand out. Her friend, Lindsay Cambell submitted photos of Shannon to the Howard Stern show, claiming that Shannon was hot enough to be in Playboy. Stern liked what he saw, and asked Shannon to come on the show and be evaluated. Stern had previously "discovered" Playboy playmate Jillian Grace.

Life Story

Shannon was a guest on the show, and Howard and his gang agreed that she was perfect for Playboy, and a talent scout for the magazine, aka the luckiest man alive, thought so too. An official test shoot was scheduled and within months, Shannon was picked as the Playmate of the month. At the time, she was attending the University of Central Florida and was a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. Her career has just warmed up, and it will be interesting to see what this real life girl-next-door will do next. (Please let it be something naked!)

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