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Real name: Sarah Carter. Biography of Sarah Carter & facts: IntroductionSarah Carter is best known.


Sarah Carter aka Sarah biography

Sarah Carter birth name:Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter birthday1980-10-30
NicknameCoach Carter
Sarah Carter home townWinnipeg, Manitoba.
Sarah Carter assetsBeautiful eyes, Gorgeous complexion, warm smile.
Sarah Carter vicesShe hates going to church
Sarah Carter height163 cm
Sarah Carter jobActress.
Sarah Carter hobbiesHiking, Guitar, Martial, Arts, (Tae, kwon, do).
Sarah Carter ethnicityWhite
Sarah Carter breast size34
Sarah Carter waist size24
Sarah Carter hips size33
Sarah Carter mottoI hated going to church. It's awful. Everyone's looking at you.
Real biography: Introduction

Sarah Carter is best known for playing James Woods' assistant on the hit show Shark, but there is more to love about this catty Canadian.

Life Story

Carter was born in Toronto, but raised in Winnipeg. For those who don't know, those are cities in Canada. As a youth, Carter studied ballet and did musical theatre. Some early plays include Cats and A Chorus Line. In high school, Carter was a member of the Canadien Debate Team, that travelled world wide. While on the team, Carter was deemed one of the greatest public speakers in the world. Following her high school debate days, Carter studied fine art in Switzerland for a year before returning to Canada. She was discovered by a casting director in Vancouver while she was reading a monologue that she wrote herself. Some of Carters early roles were in the movie Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell and on the TV show Dark Angel. In 2001, Carter scored a permanent role on the comedy show Undeclared, but the show was cancelled soon after she signed on, thus relegating her to only one episode.

In 2003, Carter made her wide-spread big screed debut in Final Destination 2, unfortunately her character was killed off early in the move. Following Final Destination 2, Carter did guest work on TV shows Smallville, Boston Legal, Entourage, and Numb3rs. In 2006, Carter played Helena Douglas in the movie adaptation of the popular video game Dead or Alive. She also had a role in National Lampoon's Pledge This!, a film that showcased how low National Lampoon has fallen. Carter also began her role on the legal drama Shark in 2006. So far she's done more than 30 episodes of the show. Outside of acting, Carter enjoys normal activities like hiking, reading, and playing with her dogs. And not returning our calls.

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