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Real name: Romola Sadie Garai. Biography of Romola Garai & facts: IntroductionIf only Patrick.


Romola Sadie Garai aka Romola biography

Romola Garai birth name:Romola Sadie Garai
Romola Garai birthday1982-08-06
Romola Garai home townHong Kong.
Romola Garai assets
Romola Garai vices
Romola Garai height176 cm
Romola Garai jobActress.
Romola Garai hobbies
Romola Garai ethnicity
Romola Garai breast size30
Romola Garai waist size23
Romola Garai hips size33
Romola Garai mottoI showed my tits and teeth.
Real biography: Introduction

If only Patrick Swayze had been there to hold her over his head in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, Romola Garai, an eccentric hotty, would be a household name.

Life Story

The child of a high-ranked bank manager of Jewish(stereotypes are dangerous)-Hungarian descent, Romola was discoved by an agent who, without explanation, thought she looked enought like Judi Dench to play her in younger years in a television production called The Last of the Blonde Bombshells, no word yet if the agent who thought Judi Dench was a Blonde Bombshell is still working in the business.Her first major role was in Nicholas Nickleby which she promptly followed with I Capture the Castle, a film that has absolutely nothing to do with Castles, or any games kids play before puberty. Following a few other insignificant roles, Garai really arrived on the Hollywood scene by taking part in her first big flop, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. She vowed never to return to the land of success and she said she would do the movie again to ensure that Baby stays out of a corner and because it was reported that Patrick Swayze would sing another gay song for the movie if it were remade.

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