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Real name: Rachael Yamagata. Biography of Rachael Yamagata & facts: Rachael Yamagata is a singer.


Rachael Yamagata aka Rachael biography

Rachael Yamagata birth name:Rachael Yamagata
Rachael Yamagata birthday1977-09-23
Rachael Yamagata home townArlington, Virginia.
Rachael Yamagata assetsplays a mean tambourine.
Rachael Yamagata vices
Rachael Yamagata height163 cm
Rachael Yamagata jobSinger, songwriter.
Rachael Yamagata hobbies
Rachael Yamagata ethnicityMixed
Rachael Yamagata breast size
Rachael Yamagata waist size
Rachael Yamagata hips size
Rachael Yamagata mottoI'm pretty happy-go-lucky, but my songwriting tends to reflect my occasional deep bouts of loneliness.
Real biography: Rachael Yamagata is a singer-songwriter. She plays many instruments including piano and has a dark, raspy alto. She is a Yonsei or fourth-generation Japanese American on her father's side and of Italian and German ancestry on her mother's side.


Yamagata became the vocalist for the Chicago funk-fusion band Bumpus, spending six years writing and recording three albums with the band and touring the country. In 2001, after having written a number of songs that didn't fit with the funk style of the band, Yamagata decided to take the songs and launch a solo career. In September 2002, she landed a two-record deal with Arista's Private Music and her self-titled EP produced by Malcolm Burn, Rachael Yamagata Ep was released in October.

Solo career

Her first full-length album, Happenstance, followed in June 2004. It was produced by John Alagia (Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Ben Folds Five). "I Want You" features several members of prominent American Klezmer group The Klezmatics. Videos were made for the first and second singles "Worn Me Down" and "1963".

Her songs have featured on several TV shows, including How I Met Your Mother, ER , Nip/Tuck, Men in Trees, Alias, One Tree Hill, Brothers & Sisters and The O.C., on which she made a guest performance in season 2. Yamagata also contributed a song to Mandy Moore's 2007 album, Wild Hope. She also toured with Moore, opening many of her shows around the country.

Yamagata's second studio album is called Elephants / Teeth Sinking Into Heart. It was originally slated for release in the late-summer of 2007. In early 2008, her site featured a "teaser video" for the new album. The album has a release date of October 7, 2008.

On May 22, 2008, a new banner was added to her site indicating the digital release of a new EP, Loose Ends, with three new songs, serving as a preview for the now delayed release of her second full-length album.

She also made an appearance in Jason Mraz's second album, singing a song with him called "Did You Get My Message?". She also sings on "Fireflies" and "The Believer" on Rhett Miller's solo CD, "Barfly" on Ray Lamontagne's Till the Sun Turns Black and "Let it Ride", "Cold Roses", and "Friends", on Ryan Adams' Cold Roses. She sings backup on six tracks on the Bright Eyes' album Cassadaga.

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