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Real name: Natalie MacNeil. Biography of Natalie MacNeil & facts: Natalie MacNeil has received.


Natalie MacNeil aka Natalie biography

Natalie MacNeil birth name:Natalie MacNeil
Natalie MacNeil birthday1986-01-07
Natalie MacNeil home townKitchener-Waterloo.
Natalie MacNeil assetsKiller eyes.
Natalie MacNeil vicesHand bags,4 inch heels
Natalie MacNeil height173 cm
Natalie MacNeil jobCEO, Epica International.
Natalie MacNeil hobbies
Natalie MacNeil ethnicityWhite
Natalie MacNeil breast size34
Natalie MacNeil waist size27
Natalie MacNeil hips size36
Natalie MacNeil mottoI'm just trying to take over the world
Real biography: Natalie MacNeil has received acclaim as one of Canada’s top young leaders. At 22 years old, Natalie has had a diverse range of life experiences. She is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, model, and beauty queen.

She brings passion, flair, and confidence to her role as President and CEO of Epica International, the media, marketing, and production company she co-founded. Natalie’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to start several businesses prior to co-founding Epica International, including a customer experience business to help companies improve customer relations, and an interior decorating firm. Natalie completed an honours degree in Political Science and Business at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Additionally, she holds a diploma in interior design.

Natalie had the unique experience of being an Ambassador to Canada. She represented Canada at international beauty pageants and walked the international runway for designers such as Lee Young Hee and clothing lines like Parkland, Crencia, and Prelin. Throughout her travels, Natalie participated in several charitable events and attended political meetings. She has traveled to more than 40 countries and has built a globe-spanning network of thousands of people. Other achievements include Natalie’s team winning Impact Apprentice 2006, a Canadian business competition modelled after Donald Trump’s ‘The Apprentice,’ and a ‘Top 30 Students in Canada’ award.

Natalie is committed to giving back to the community, both locally and internationally. Her philanthropic activities are focused on three pillars: education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship. Africa holds a special place in her heart. After traveling to Africa, Natalie collected over 3000 textbooks for African schools and libraries. She is currently working on educational projects in Tanzania. Natalie also delivers motivational speeches to youth, encouraging them to set goals, discover their passion, and be themselves.

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