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Real name: Natalia Gastiain Tena. Biography of Natalia Tena & facts: Tena made her professional.


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Natalia Tena birth name:Natalia Gastiain Tena
Natalia Tena birthday1984-11-01
Natalia Tena home townLondon, England.
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Natalia Tena height cm
Natalia Tena jobActress.
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Natalia Tena ethnicityWhite
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Real biography: Tena made her professional debut as Ellie in About a Boy (2002), and began acting full time in 2003. She has played lead roles in stage adaptations of Gone to Earth in 2004, and Nights at the Circus in 2006, and has appeared in smaller roles in other productions, including Shared Experience's production of Bronte in 2005. She served as a body double for Margo Stilley in the film 9 Songs (2005).

She last appeared in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix as Nymphadora Tonks, a role she will reprise in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

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