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Real name: nami. Biography of Nam Gyu Ri & facts: In a recent performance at the CoEx Mall in Seoul.


nami aka Nam biography

SurnameGyu Ri
Nam Gyu Ri birth name:nami
Nam Gyu Ri birthday1985-04-26
Nam Gyu Ri home townSeoul Korea.
Nam Gyu Ri assets
Nam Gyu Ri vices
Nam Gyu Ri height166 cm
Nam Gyu Ri jobSinger.
Nam Gyu Ri hobbies
Nam Gyu Ri ethnicity
Nam Gyu Ri breast size34
Nam Gyu Ri waist size23
Nam Gyu Ri hips size33
Nam Gyu Ri mottoi didn't show it
Real biography: In a recent performance at the CoEx Mall in Seoul in December 2006, Nam Gyu Ri's right breast was exposed due to a costume failure. According to reports, one of her straps snapped after she performed a vigorous dance move. Despite the catastrophe, Nam Gyu Ri simply picked up her strap and continued performing.

Less than 24 hours after her boob exposure, Nam Gyu Ri became the hottest debated topic in all of Asia. TV news shows led with reports about is Nam Gyu Ri and her breast exposure.

The controversy was worsened when video clips and pictures of the incident spread dramatically throughout the internet. Singer Wheesung, vehemently defended her and expressed anger at the tabloids for mass reporting on the incident. Some netizens viewed this incident as a publicity stunt. During the encore performance, she shed tears but continued to perform nevertheless. She wept backstage after the concert as other artists tried to console her.

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