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Real name: Louise Glover. Biography of Louise Glover & facts: In Her Own Words Born in 1983 from St.


Louise Glover aka Louise biography

Louise Glover birth name:Louise Glover
Louise Glover birthday1983-02-08
Louise Glover home townSt. Helens, England.
Louise Glover assets
Louise Glover vices
Louise Glover height166 cm
Louise Glover jobModel, Photographer.
Louise Glover hobbies
Louise Glover ethnicityWhite
Louise Glover breast size34
Louise Glover waist size24
Louise Glover hips size34
Louise Glover motto
Real biography: In Her Own Words

Born in 1983 from St Helens, N/W England, I first caught the eye of a photographer when I was just 9 years of old, whilst out on a shopping trip with my mum.The photographer said I looked like a young version of British actress, Lorraine Chase, (from UK TV show Emmerdale). He took some photos of me and, having enjoyed every minute of it, it inspired me to become a model. From then on, there was no stopping me! I soon started entering as many modeling competitions as possible…One of my first main achievements in modeling happened at aged 19 when I went to the Philippines in south/east Asia as Miss Great Britain in the Miss Earth finals.Soon after that, British media interest increased ten-fold and I was signed-up by a top London model agency.Work offers began flooding in and it wasn't long before I was starring on the front covers and insides of numerous lads’ magazines and the UK’s biggest-selling tabloid newspapers including FHM, Bizarre, Maxim, Loaded, News Of The World, The Sun and The Daily Star. I have also starred in several TV shows and TV documentaries.At 21 I headed to L.A where I met Playboy owner Hugh Hefner and most bunnies and also visited the Playboy Mansion and landed a test-shoot for Playboy Centerfold.Playboy photographed me for the front cover of Playboy Vixens magazine in January 2006. then I was in the "Top 100 Sexiest Playboy Models" 2006 pictorial special edition magazine. I then won Playboys model of the year 2006. Which I feel its like winning a trophy saying your good at what you do.I've recently been in the main Playboy issue Sep 2007 and on the cover of French Playboy in France. I really enjoy modeling, I'm very good at posing and and expressions. Aside from my work for Playboy, I also work for Ed Hardy, Sex Symbol denim wear, Austin Reed ladies ladies wear and I have notched up several front covers, photo shoots and interviews for well-known magazines in South America, USA, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Russia, South Africa and Australia all in the past few years.I've always wanted to travel the world and scuba dive in the seven seas. That's why i've been involved with the Charity Raleigh International, as I've been able to travel and support beautiful rural villages all over the world. These are my 2 favorites Malaysia and Belize were i went to help for several months with building schools, trekking through rain-forests to get to rural villages and teaching children and families english. These projects opened my eyes to what life's all about.I'm a very bubbly, exciting and earthy person, I love challenges,nature, wildlife and the great outdoors. I've passed my Advanced scuba diving course out in Malaysia last year and I recently came back from the red sea scuba diving.I've just got married to my new hubby Ben, who is an identical twin from London we got married in The Grand Canyon were we were taken to from our hotel by helicopter and I loved every min of it.I won Miss Hawaiian Tropic UK 2007 and competed in Miss Hawaiian Tropic International in Las Vegas of summer 2007.Playboy recently declared me as ‘Britain's Sexiest Babe’ and awarded me with the Playboy's title 'Playboy's Model of the Year 2006" - that's me for now, Louise Glover x

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