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Real name: London Rosiere. Biography of London Rosiere & facts: London Rosiere currently lives.


London Rosiere aka London biography

London Rosiere birth name:London Rosiere
London Rosiere birthday1985-09-06
London Rosiere home townNew Orleans.
London Rosiere assets
London Rosiere vices
London Rosiere height161 cm
London Rosiere jobModel/Actress/Singer.
London Rosiere hobbies
London Rosiere ethnicity
London Rosiere breast size34
London Rosiere waist size23
London Rosiere hips size35
London Rosiere motto
Real biography:

London Rosiere currently lives between New York City and Los Angeles, after falling victim of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Her family still resides in Louisiana.

A lifelong dancer, London has studied ballet with the prestigous Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C. and had traveled the country competing.

In 2006, London Rosiere was named 2nd Runner-Up Miss Louisiana USA. She has since appeared in various commercials and movies.

London has studied at the University of New Orleans as well as The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

London is a founding member of NYC BridgeRunners, a non-for profit running team, sponsored by Nike and supported by Lance Armstrong.

She was briefly linked to English actor, Toby Kebbell.

London is currently pursuing a career in film and music, while running marathons accoss the United States.

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