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Real name: Lisa Dergan. Biography of Lisa Dergan & facts: Lisa Dergan is a Playboy Playmate and a.


Lisa Dergan aka Lisa biography

Lisa Dergan birth name:Lisa Dergan
Lisa Dergan birthday1970-08-10
Lisa Dergan home townCorpus Christi, TX.
Lisa Dergan assetsBlonde bombshell who loves sports.
Lisa Dergan vicesBaseball
Lisa Dergan height173 cm
Lisa Dergan jobModel, Sportscaster.
Lisa Dergan hobbiesLearning, Japanese.
Lisa Dergan ethnicityWhite
Lisa Dergan breast size30
Lisa Dergan waist size23
Lisa Dergan hips size33
Lisa Dergan mottoIt's such an honor to be one of 12 girls selected each year to represent Playboy all over the world!
Real biography: Lisa Dergan is a Playboy Playmate and a sports fan. In other words: The best woman alive.

Life Story

Lisa Dergan was the Playmate of the Month for July 1998, and she used this new found success to help launch a career on TV. Before baring all for the pages of Playboy, Dergan was an interior decorating for the Chili's restaurant chain. (Now you know who picked all the crazy crap on the wall.) But modeling was her true calling. Instead of taking the traditional route, and model in New York or Paris, Dergan's big break came in Japan. She even learned to speak the language and has taken Japanese classes at UCLA.

After her appearance in Playboy, Dergan was hired to co-host a weekend sport show in Los Angeles in 2001. From there, she went to national TV in 2002, working for Fox Spots Net, where she reported from such high-profile sporting events as the Kentucky Derby, the U.S. Open and the Super Bowl.

In 2003, she hosted the wedding reality show Race to the Altar. Perhaps this show is what helped her decide to tie the knot to Scott Podsednik of the Chicago White Sox.

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