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Real name: Kristen Noel Swanson. Biography of Kristy Swanson & facts: Kristy Swanson is not the.


Kristen Noel Swanson aka Kristy biography

Kristy Swanson birth name:Kristen Noel Swanson
Kristy Swanson birthday1969-12-19
Kristy Swanson home townMission Viejo, CA.
Kristy Swanson assetsBlonde Hair, Great Body.
Kristy Swanson vicesCoffee and Donuts
Kristy Swanson height168 cm
Kristy Swanson jobActress.
Kristy Swanson hobbiesIce, Skating, Starring, along-side, Charlie, Sheen.
Kristy Swanson ethnicity
Kristy Swanson breast size34
Kristy Swanson waist size23
Kristy Swanson hips size34
Kristy Swanson mottoI won't date a guy who doesn't own a toolbox
Real biography: Kristy Swanson is not the superhot wife of Ben Stiller, that would be Christine Taylor. She is the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer, before the TV show came around and made the movie irrelevant.

Life Story

You might also remember Kristy Swanson from her dollhouse commercial, which she made at the tender age of 10. By the time she as 13, she had starred in 30 television commercials, and had decided to leave school to try acting fulltime. She played small roles on TV shows like Cagney and Lacey, and Growing Pains before she was recognized for her work on the big screen with Flowers in the Attic, for which she won the Young Artist Award for Best Young Actress in a Horror or Mystery Motion Picture. (Congrats!). Swanson put her new found fame to good work, winning the role of the mannequin in Mannequin 2: On the Move in 1991. A year later, Swanson became the first actress to play Buffy in the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Hillary Swank) movie, and in 2002, she appeared nude in the November issue of Playboy.Her other credits include three, count 'em, three movies where she starred along-side Charline Sheen: Ferris Buller's Day Off, Hot Shots (Valeria Golino) and The Chase . What's more surprising is that the two never hooked up. Instead, Swanson fell in the love with her Skating with Celebrties partner, Lloyd Eisler. This cause a bit of controversy as Eisler was married at the time, and his wife was 8-months pregnant. Eisler and Swanson would late have a child of their own in 2007, Magnus Hart Swanson Eisler, who was born in February of 2007.

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