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Real name: Katri Marianne Ylander. Biography of Katri Ylander & facts: A Finnish singer who rose to.


Katri Marianne Ylander aka Katri biography

Katri Ylander birth name:Katri Marianne Ylander
Katri Ylander birthday1985-12-17
Katri Ylander home townHarjavalta.
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Katri Ylander height163 cm
Katri Ylander jobSinger.
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Real biography: A Finnish singer who rose to popularity after placing second in Idols Finland 2, the Finnish version of Pop Idol. Ylander received 45% of votes, while the winner, Ilkka Jääskeläinen, received the other 55%. She released her first album in June 2006, releasing a hit single soon afterward, Onko Vielä Aikaa? ("Is there still time?"), which reached number one on the Finnish Radio Top 20 list the week of August 2.

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