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Real name: Jessica. Biography of Jessica Jaymes & facts: Born in Anchorage, Alaska, Jaymes and her.


Jessica aka Jessica biography

Jessica Jaymes birth name:Jessica
Jessica Jaymes birthday1979-03-08
Jessica Jaymes home townAlaska.
Jessica Jaymes assets35d-22-33.
Jessica Jaymes vices
Jessica Jaymes height171 cm
Jessica Jaymes jobPornographic Actress.
Jessica Jaymes hobbiesMaking, men, go, mad, n, crazy.
Jessica Jaymes ethnicityWhite
Jessica Jaymes breast size34
Jessica Jaymes waist size22
Jessica Jaymes hips size33
Jessica Jaymes mottoHer stage name is a combination of her real first name (Jessica) and the first name of her then-lover
Real biography: Born in Anchorage, Alaska, Jaymes and her father moved to Arizona at age 10. She originally aspired to be a fighter pilot, something encouraged by her father, but ended up teaching grades 4 through 6 after graduating from high school. During her teaching stint for three years, she also worked as an exotic dancer at a club across from the local Montessori elementary school.Her entry into pornography began in 2002, when she started dating someone from the adult-oriented Playtime magazine based out of Arizona. Jaymes' was subsequently cast as a lead in Sunshine Films' Sexhibition 9. She did about 40 films before taking a hiatus from films to host Playboy TV's reality Totally Busted.When Jaymes was 21 years old, she had breast implant surgery, which increased her breast size from 34B to 35D and pierced her nipples and clitoris. Jaymes is an avowed bisexual, who has had on-screen sex with women and believes that by doing so, she will prolong her adult film career. She has also commented that "[w]hen that is old, I'm going to dip into having sex with men and start my own production company."

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