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Real name: Jesse Jane. Biography of Jesse Jane & facts: Official BiographyA superstar in her own.


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Jesse Jane birth name:Jesse Jane
Jesse Jane birthday1980-07-16
Jesse Jane home townFort Worth, Texas.
Jesse Jane assetsTits, Cute.
Jesse Jane vicesShe''s been around
Jesse Jane height161 cm
Jesse Jane jobAdult Actress.
Jesse Jane hobbies
Jesse Jane ethnicityWhite
Jesse Jane breast size34
Jesse Jane waist size23
Jesse Jane hips size34
Jesse Jane mottoTommy Lee and I, when we were dating, went to a club to see Crystal Method and Paul Oakenfold play. We were on top of the balcony in the VIP section and there's this huge crowd down below, with the band going on, and tons of people in VIP! We had sex right there - I sat on up of the railing and did the splits and we did it in front of everybody. It was great!"
Real biography: Official Biography

A superstar in her own right, Jesse Jane is an all American, blonde, green eyed, sultry girl originally from Fort Worth, Texas. Jane was a military brat, growing up on military bases in the Midwestern United States playing soccer. After extensive dance training, she became her high school's top varsity cheerleader. She graduated from Rose Hill High School in Rose Hill, Kansas, thereafter pursuing modeling.After being one of the top finalists in a local model search, she began working as a model for retail outlets such as 5-7-9 and David's Bridal. This work landed her a job doing a television commercial for Hooters restaurant.Jane also landed a quick shoot on the cover of Texas-based metal band Drowning Pool's second album Desensitized and was featured in the music video for the album's first hit single "Step Up". Jane states that Drowning Pool is one of her favorite bands. In three short years, she ascended from Hooters manager to Hawaiian Tropics pageant winner to international fame with a Digital Playground contract. A leader in marketing, branding and promotion, Digital Playground launched Jesse Jane into superstardom with global exposure on hundreds of magazine covers including FHM, Maxim, Front and Arena. She has earned leading roles on TV shows like Entourage and Busty Cops as well as box office movies, BayWatch: The Movie and Starsky and Hutch. Jesse has also starred in a multitude of music videos ranging from metal bands like Drowning Pool to pop stars like Robbie Williams. Jesse's exuberant love of life and bubbling personality has made her a favorite and frequent radio guest on Howard Stern, Bubba the Love Sponge, and hundreds of Clear Channel stations nationwide. She's been syndicated weekly with football picks on the Adam Carolla show and even hosted her own program on CBS Radio for Miller Light and the Playboy Mansion. Jesse's skills as a personality host on VH1, Much Music & CTV, as well as character roles on shows like Celebrity Uncensored, Celebrity Fit Club and Gene Simmons Family Jewels have earned her worldwide recognition. In 2005, Jesse landed her own show on Playboy TV, Naughty Amateurs Home Videos.

Her role on NAHV caught the attention of other Playboy producers and before long she was named host of a second show, Night Calls. Jesse Jane became the first girl EVER to host both of Playboy TV's top rated shows at the same time. Her dating and sexual experiences earned Jesse the title of entertainment editor for Cheri magazine, as well as sex editor for Ralph magazine and Rock Confidential. She also pens regular columns for Genesis and Buzz magazines. Jesse's superb ability to entertain garnered her the most prestigious honor in the adult business, host of AVN's 2006 Award Show. All of the exposure Jesse has received in various media outlets has contributed to her success but it was the leading role in Digital Playground's benchmark film, Pirates that made Jesse Jane a household name.

n January 2007, an article in the New York Times stated that Jane intended to have her breast enhancement surgery re-done in an effort to enhance their appearance for high-definition movies. In her official website, she wrote that on February 12th she went to do her breast surgery.Jane has been linked romantically to Kid Rock and M�tley Cr�e drummer Tommy Lee as well as former singer of Drowning Pool Jason Jones. Also many have speculated that Michelle Rodriguez could be the only person who fits the criteria of an "actress who's known for playing badasses" and who's "appeared in photos at the same events" that Jane spoke of having sex with when she appeared on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show.She stated in 2007 that she is married to fellow porn star Rick Patrick.

Awards 2002 American Dreams Pageant, "Most Photogenic" 2003 Nightmoves, "Best New Starlet" 2004 CAVR, "MVP of the Year" 2006 AVN Award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene (Video) - Pirates (with Janine Lindemulder) 2006 Booble's Miss December, as voted by web visitors 2007 AVN Award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene (Video) - Island Fever 4 (with Teagan Presley, Jana Cova and Sophia Santi) 2007 F.A.M.E. Award Award for Hottest Body


Jesse est une fille de militaire et a passé son enfance dans diverses bases militaires de la région du Midwest. Elle était un garçon manqué, en jouant au football notamment. Grâce à son amour du football américain et de sa formation de danseuse, elle devint la meneuse des pom-pom girls de son lycée. Elle est diplômée du lycée "Rose Hill High School" à Rose Hill dans le Kansas, avec mention. Elle poursuivit ensuite par le mannequinat.

Après avoir été qualifiée pour des finales régionales de casting de mannequin, Jesse travailla pour des agences telles 5-7-9 et David's Bridal. Ce travail l'amena à réaliser un spot publicitaire à la télévision pour la chaine de restaurant "Hooters".

Jane s'est présentée dans des concours de beauté "Hawaiian Tropic". Pendant l'un de ces concours, elle parvint à obtenir un rôle de figurante dans le téléfilm Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding (2003), après avoir impressionné le réalisateur.

En août 2002, elle a été désignée "Miss photogénique" par l'American Dreams Pageant. Elle s'embarqua dans une carrière de mannequin spécialisée dans le bikini alors que son souhait était de travailler dans la pornographie. Ceci la mena à signer un contrat avec le studio Digital Playground. Dans les mois qui suivirent la signature, on a pu voir Jesse sur la chaine Showtime dans l'émission de télé réalité "Family Business", qui fut son premier "film". Elle fait aussi une apparition dans le clip du groupe de métal américain : "step up" de Drowning Pool.

Les films de Digital Playground dans lesquels Jesse est apparue, tels "No Limits", "Beat the Devil", "Pirates" ou "Loaded", se sont avérés suffisamment populaires pour lui permettre de lancer sa propre ligne de gadgets sexuels. De plus, ces films sont souvent nominés aux diverses cérémonies du cinéma X.


2002 : American Dreams Pageant, "Most Photogenic" 2003 : Nightmoves, "Best New Starlet" 2004 : CAVR, "MVP of the Year" 2004 : Venus Awards "Meilleure actrice" 2006 : AVN Award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene (Video) – Pirates (with Janine Lindemulder) 2006 : Booble's Miss December, as voted by web visitors 2007 : AVN Award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene (Video) – Island Fever 4 (with Teagan Presley, Jana Cova and Sophia Santi) 2007 : F.A.M.E. Awards Award for Hottest Body 2008 : F.A.M.E. Awards - Hottest Body

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