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Real name: Jenna Marie Massoli. Biography of Jenna Jameson & facts: Contents1 Jenna Jameson.


Jenna Marie Massoli aka Jenna biography

Jenna Jameson birth name:Jenna Marie Massoli
Jenna Jameson birthday1974-04-09
NicknameJJ,Jennasis,The Queen of Porn,Daisy Holliday
Jenna Jameson home townLas Vegas, Nevada.
Jenna Jameson assetsOne hell of a C@ck-sucker! BJ Queen.
Jenna Jameson vicesPlastic surgery; F-ed up her face big time.
Jenna Jameson height168 cm
Jenna Jameson jobEntrepreneur, Ex Pornstar.
Jenna Jameson hobbies
Jenna Jameson ethnicity
Jenna Jameson breast size36
Jenna Jameson waist size26
Jenna Jameson hips size35
Jenna Jameson mottoThe funny thing about being a porn star is that everyone automatically assumes they can sleep with you
Real biography: Contents1 Jenna Jameson Biography and Career2 The Early Years of Her Biography3 The Biography of a Porn Star4 Moving Behind the Camera5 Crossing Over to the Mainstream6 Her Life in Her Own Words7 Recent Struggles with Health Issues8 Men, Women, and Divorce9 Looking to the Future if (window.showTocToggle) { var tocShowText = "show"; var tocHideText = "hide"; showTocToggle(); } Jenna Jameson Biography and Career

The Jenna Jameson biography starts in Las Vegas, NV, where she was born on April 9, 1974, as Jenna Marie Massoli. Her stage name, Jameson, is inspired by her whiskey of choice: Jameson Whiskey, but that comes later, when she became both a porn star and a porn producer.

The Early Years of Her Biography

Losing her mother at a very young age to skin cancer, Jenna remained with her father until the age of sixteen when she left home in hopes of becoming a Las Vegas showgirl. When the dream died, she decided to become a stripper instead, and did so quite successfully. Taking a dive into drugs, her health declined and she moved to California to recuperate with her father. Once in California, she started posing for nude photographs and quickly found her way into the world of porn.

The Biography of a Porn Star

Like her personal life, Jenna has performed in porn with both men and women, getting her start with her girlfriend, Nikki Tyler. She quickly moved up in the porn film world and found herself starring in films like Cherry Pie, Silk Stockings and Blue Movie. Her rise to stardom garnered her a variety of awards, including the AVN and the XRCO awards for Best New Starlet and FOXE (Fans of X-Rated Entertainment) awards. Jenna joined the ranks of 90s porn stars like Jill Kelly and Janine Lindemulder, but only Jenna was named “The Queen of Porn.”

Moving Behind the Camera

Appearing in porn films made her a star, but producing porn has made her wealthy. Jenna started ClubJenna with Jason Grdina and, though it started out first as a website, it quickly moved into porn film production. She has both produced and starred in ClubJenna films and branched out into directing with Jenna’s Provocateur. She’s managed to expand on her fame and fortune with billboards, sex toys, lingerie, and more.

Crossing Over to the Mainstream

Jenna has always wanted to be a household name and not just in the porn realm. She’s managed to cross over into the mainstream and started with Howard Stern’s radio show. From there, she had a role in his movie Private Parts, with Mary McCormack and Allison Janney. She later went into TV, including E! Television’s Wild On! and the NBC show Mister Sterling, and has appeared in video games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Her Life in Her Own Words

In 2004, she decided to tell her life story with her autobiography How to Make Love Like a Porn Star, which was a no holds barred retelling of her life story. Her second venture into the publishing world is the recently released Something Blue: Jenna Tales, and is a collection of erotic stories.

Recent Struggles with Health Issues

While married to Jay Grdina she struggled to get pregnant and, like her mother years before, was diagnosed with skin cancer. Though the cancer was removed and she regained her health, she finally did get pregnant, but miscarried. Soon after, the couple divorced.

Men, Women, and Divorce

Jenna has been married twice: once to fellow porn star Brad Armstrong and once to her business partner Jay Grdina. She’s also had an on again, off again relationship with another fellow porn star: Nikki Tyler. More recently she’s been linked to Dave Navarro and Tito Ortiz.

Looking to the Future

Jenna will, of course, continue to keep herself in the public eye and will appear in the upcoming films Sin-Jin Smyth and Horrorween.

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