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Real name: Maria Izadora Ussher Calzado. Biography of Iza Calzado & facts: Iza Calzado (birth name.


Maria Izadora Ussher Calzado aka Iza biography

Name: Iza
Surname: Calzado
Iza Calzado birth name: Maria Izadora Ussher Calzado
Iza Calzado birthday: 1982-08-12
Nickname: Iza
Iza Calzado home town: Quezon City.
Iza Calzado assets: eyes, nose, lips, hair.
Iza Calzado vices: none
Iza Calzado height: 166 cm
Iza Calzado job: movie and tv actress, model.
Iza Calzado hobbiesDancing, Swimming.
Iza Calzado ethnicityAsian
Iza Calzado breast size34
Iza Calzado waist size27
Iza Calzado hips size36
Iza Calzado mottoThe Philippines' Most Refreshing Face
Real biography:

Iza Calzado (birth name Maria Izadora Ussher Calzado) is a Filipina actress, commercial model, and TV host who gained big attention in show business in May 2002.

Her biggest breaks in Philippine showbiz include teaming-up with Argentine actor Segundo Cernadas in GMA Network's Te Amo, Maging Sino Ka Man and taking the role as Amihan in Encantadia.She also worked with one forth of F4 (Taiwanese Boyband) Ken Zhu in a movie called Batanes

Iza Calzado bagged her original role in The Echo, the English-language remake of Filipino director Yam Laranas’ horror film Sigaw. Calzado will be sharing the screen with Hollywood actor Jesse Bradford, who was last seen in Clint Eastwood’s World War II epic Flags of Our Fathers. Bradford will portray an ex-convict who will get entangled in the troubles of a battered wife, to be played by Calzado. Although she will be reprising a role that won her an Urian Best Supporting Actress award in 2005, she still had to audition. [3] One of her co-stars, Carlos de Leon, asked her if she is Hispanic because of her facial feature.

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