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Real name: Hitomi Yoshizawa. Biography of Hitomi Yoshizawa & facts: Hitomi Yoshizawa (born April 12.


Hitomi Yoshizawa aka Hitomi biography

Hitomi Yoshizawa birth name:Hitomi Yoshizawa
Hitomi Yoshizawa birthday1985-04-12
NicknameYossy (or Yossi,Yossie,or Yossui),Yocchan,Yoshiko,Kabutomushi
Hitomi Yoshizawa home townSaitama, Japan.
Hitomi Yoshizawa assetsEyes, freckles, boyish style.
Hitomi Yoshizawa vicesBaggy clothing,old-man robes
Hitomi Yoshizawa height166 cm
Hitomi Yoshizawa jobSinger.
Hitomi Yoshizawa hobbiesGraffiti, email.
Hitomi Yoshizawa ethnicityAsian
Hitomi Yoshizawa breast size30
Hitomi Yoshizawa waist size25
Hitomi Yoshizawa hips size34
Hitomi Yoshizawa mottoI want the boyish character to go out. When I’m with the other members, usually I’m the father.
Real biography:

Hitomi Yoshizawa (born April 12, 1985 in Saitama, Japan) is a former leader and fourth-generation member of Morning Musume. To make up for all the estrogen in the group, Yoshizawa "Yossie" is a tomboy character, and the "playboy" of the group. Some say tomboys aren't hot, but anyone that knows of Yossie will definitely disagree.


Yossie joined Morning Musume in 2000 as part of the fourth generation alongside Rika Ishikawa, Nozomi Tsuji, and Ai Kago. She was originally pegged as an "intelligent beauty", but her role as the tomboy was cemented after the music video of "Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~" where she plays a dashing playboy.

Of the fourth generation (which is notably the weakest of the generations, vocally) Yossie was the strongest as far as vocals went. It seemed only natural, then, when she was placed into Pucchimoni with third-generation miracle girl Maki Goto and the talented and slightly terrifying Kei Yasuda. In 2002, when the lineups were shuffled, Yossie was the only one to stay in the group and lead the newcomers, Makoto Ogawa and Ayaka Kimura. The trio went on "hiatus" in 2003.

Morning Musume was split in half in 2003: Sakuragumi and Otomegumi. Yossie was uncharacteristically placed in the pink-themed Sakuragumi, and released two singles with them before they went on hiatus in 2004.

Then-leader Kaori Iida graduated Morning Musume in early 2005, leaving Mari Yaguchi as the leader. Though Rika Ishikawa would've been sub-leader, her graduation was announced soon after, and so the position of sub-leader was given to Yossie. However, Yaguchi quit a few months into her leadership, and a few weeks before Ishikawa's graduation. Yossie unexpectedly became the leader, with Miki Fujimoto as her sub-leader.

Yossie graduated Morning Musume in May 2007, leaving Fujimoto as leader and Ai Takahashi as sub-leader. A new group was formed out of Yossie's Gatas Brilhantes teammates, called Ongaku Gatas, which Yossie is the leader of.

Though she officially listed as solo artist, Yossie is almost solely concentrated on Ongaku Gatas.

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