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Real name: Gigi Graciette. Biography of Gigi Graciette & facts: IntroductionGigi Graciette is a.


Gigi Graciette aka Gigi biography

Gigi Graciette birth name:Gigi Graciette
Gigi Graciette birthday1975-05-10
NicknameTriple G
Gigi Graciette home townHollywood, CA.
Gigi Graciette assetsFluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese.
Gigi Graciette vicesStill under investigation by Chickipedia researchers.
Gigi Graciette height171 cm
Gigi Graciette jobTV and Radio Personality, Journalist.
Gigi Graciette hobbiesReading, Writing, Dancing.
Gigi Graciette ethnicityWhite
Gigi Graciette breast size34
Gigi Graciette waist size26
Gigi Graciette hips size34
Gigi Graciette mottoBienvenidos a Ella Es... Gigi Graciette.
Real biography: Introduction

Gigi Graciette is a television and radio personality in the United States and Mexico. She is currently the host of Ella Es….Gigi Graciette a syndicated radio show on the Radiovisa Network, and works for FOX 11 News and MY 13 News in Los Angeles.

Hard Hitting Facts about Gigi

Graciette was born and raised in California. At age 12, her first editorial was published in La Opinion, a Los Angeles daily Spanish language newspaper.

Her television career began at Telemundo, where she was a feature and entertainment reporter for two national shows. She went on to produce and host her own television specials, such as The Hispanic Family of the Year.

Graciette later moved to the competing network, Univision, where she became the Los Angeles Bureau Chief and a reporter for "Sábado Gigante," which lived up to it's hype-tastic name and featured mucho bailando.

In 1995, Graciette returned to Telemundo where she was the co-creator, executive producer and on-camera host of the daily talk show El y Ella. The show was seen in over 15 countries and became the highest-rated afternoon show for the network.Graciette later worked for Televisa in Mexico City, where she solo anchored three one-hour newscasts a day for Televisa's cable news network "ECO," seen in over thirty countries. She also created and executive produced a daily political program called Eco Expediente and hosted her own radio show for Televisa Radio.

Back in Los Angeles, Gigi Graciette can now be seen nightly on the Channel 13 and FOX 11 Newscasts.

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