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Real name: Elin Grindemyr. Biography of Erin Grindemyr & facts: Elin Grindemyr, born February 7.


Elin Grindemyr aka Erin biography

Erin Grindemyr birth name:Elin Grindemyr
Erin Grindemyr birthday1983-02-07
Erin Grindemyr home townNorrköping.
Erin Grindemyr assets
Erin Grindemyr vices
Erin Grindemyr height168 cm
Erin Grindemyr jobModel.
Erin Grindemyr hobbies
Erin Grindemyr ethnicity
Erin Grindemyr breast size36
Erin Grindemyr waist size24
Erin Grindemyr hips size36
Erin Grindemyr motto
Real biography:

Elin Grindemyr, born February 7, 1983, is a model from Norrköping, Sweden. She first appeared in the magazine Slitz as a contender for "annual sexiest girfriend." She did not win, but has since appeared in Slitz several times, and has become an internet sensation. However, in May 2005, Elin was voted as the sexiest woman in Sweden by the readers of the Swedish magazine Slitz. Rumors say she will quit from her modeling work.

Slitz Magazine in Sweden, similar to FHM and Maxim, discovered the brunette bombshell as she entered a contest for their annual sexiest girlfriend award. Although she did not win, pictures of her leaked to the Internet, blasting her to Internet stardom.

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