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Real name: Eriko Tamura. Biography of Eriko Tamura & facts: In Japan, Eriko enjoyed leading roles.


Eriko Tamura aka Eriko biography

Eriko Tamura birth name:Eriko Tamura
Eriko Tamura birthday1973-01-16
NicknameEriko ,Eririn
Eriko Tamura home townIbaraki, Japan.
Eriko Tamura assets
Eriko Tamura vices
Eriko Tamura height163 cm
Eriko Tamura jobActress, Singer, Model.
Eriko Tamura hobbies
Eriko Tamura ethnicityAsian
Eriko Tamura breast size30
Eriko Tamura waist size23
Eriko Tamura hips size34
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Real biography: In Japan, Eriko enjoyed leading roles in over 15 films and television series in her relatively short career. She made her screen debut at thirteen in the film "Flowerly Afternoon", which was directed by Kazuki Omori, best known in the States for work in the famous "Godzilla" television series.

Soon after that, Eriko was signed as a series regular on "Go with the Wild!", a primetime television show on Fuji Television. Eriko then went on to star in the mini-series, "My Beloved Ultra Seven", a docu-drama depicting the life of actress, Yuriko Hishimi. This production won the prestigious broadcasting award and was recently released on DVD.

After landing several leading roles on most of the major Japanese television networks, Eriko was cast in the NHK Annual Premiere Taiga(periodic) Drama, "Hideyoshi", where she portrayed Garasha Hosokawa, a tragic woman of historical renown in Japanese history who endured severe persecution as Japan's first woman to convert to Christianity. In this role, Eriko was challenged to play Hosokawa from the age of 14 to 37. In addition to her acting accomplishments, Eriko has enjoyed remarkable success as singer, having released 10 original albums, and 15 singles from Toshiba EMI.

TX (one of Japan's National TV Networks) produced 51 episode cartoon series as a results of her popularity, which is entitled, "Legendary Idol Eriko". The series was fictionalized story about Eriko and was released both on video and as a comic book. Eriko has also been the spokesperson for variety of renowned companies including: Kanebo Cosmetics, Bridgestone Tire, Cosmo Oil and Nissin Foods. She has been on the cover and has been featured in not only many of the top Japanese magazines, but also a host of Chinese publications. In her relatively short career Eriko Tamura has been the face of many major International companies in their TV commercials. She most recently appeared on a Volkswagen TV spot which is being aired throughout Europe.

Recently, Eriko moved to Los Angeles with the intention of expanding her acting career. Making her American film debut, Eriko played one of the leads in "Surf School" which played theatrically in the States in summer 2006. Her latest Japanese film she starred in "An Art of Spotting a Seat on a Crowded Commuter Train" (comedy) was also released in Tokyo in winter 2006. In her second US feature, which was filmed in Los Angeles in February 2007, Eriko played the lead role of "Jasmine". Most recently, Eriko has been cast on NBC's hit series "Heroes" as a love interest opposite to Masi Oka's character "Hiro".Soon She Will Be Apearing in the New Live Action Flim Dragon Ball

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