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Real name: 戸田 恵梨香. Biography of Erika Toda & facts: Erika Toda (戸田 恵梨香 Toda Erika?) is a Japanese.


戸田 恵梨香 aka Erika biography

Erika Toda birth name:戸田 恵梨香
Erika Toda birthday1987-08-17
NicknameERika Toda,Erika,Toda
Erika Toda home townHyōgo Prefecture, Japan.
Erika Toda assetsBeautiful Skin, Nice legs.
Erika Toda vices
Erika Toda height163 cm
Erika Toda jobActressModel.
Erika Toda hobbies
Erika Toda ethnicityAsian
Erika Toda breast size30
Erika Toda waist size22
Erika Toda hips size31
Erika Toda mottoI'm really dirty...
Real biography:

Erika Toda (戸田 恵梨香 Toda Erika?) is a Japanese actress from Kobe.

She has had supporting roles in many popular Japanese TV dramas such as Nobuta o Produce, Engine and Gal Circle, but has only starred as the main character in her April 2007 drama, Liar Game. In the popular manga adaption movie Death Note: The Last Name, she played the role of Misa Amane.

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